People, Planet, Profit and Purpose – A Quadruple Bottom Line Mindset Focused on Equity, Ecology and Economics

Happy Soul Food Friday!

This week: Fore-Caring with a Quadruple Bottom Line Focus on People, Planet, Profit and Purpose with:

  • Our Huge Heart – where People are always at the center of the work
  • The Best Science – reinforced by the wisdom traditions of 2,500 years ago and neuroscience from 2,500 milliseconds ago
  • The Best Principles – that are timeless and universal
  • Best/Next Practices – that inform how we can operationalize this work both in and in spite of current systems
  • For the Greatest Good – where a quadruple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit and Purpose prevails
  • & For the Longest Term

There is no playbook anymore for taking a stand, but that should not stop us!


In Gratitude to the People Who Strive for Equity:

Appreciation to all that served and were served at this year’s Cause Conference

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Purpose.

In the spirit of profound gratitude and joy, thank you all for your active participation in and commitment to creating a kinder and more purpose-filled community. This year’s Cause Conference was a powerful gathering of Service  to individuals and organizations!

Whatever your role – attendee, volunteer, student, speaker, content expert or sponsor – and whether you came as a passionate advocate or an informed skeptic, you were instrumental in our symphonic composition. Together we demonstrated that greatness is possible when a committed group of caring souls get together to make a difference of consequence and show up fully with courage (gut), love and compassion (heart) and collective wisdom (head).

On this 20th anniversary we honored our past and reached for the future. Our Inaugural Purpose Awards through our great partnership with the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at National University honored Will Marre. Will was a local purpose luminary. Will’s positive spirit and loving impact is one of the spiritual forces shoring up our efforts and passions.

From our opening keynote with Patrick Combs to our closing keynote with Skyler McCurine we were collectively energized, inspired, and emboldened to take the necessary and available actions to leave the world a better place for the children and generations that follow.

We lived into our conference theme at the intersection of Cause + Commerce with our Connect, Coach and Champion elements. We have every confidence that you connected deeply with at least one other kindred spirit, learned at least one Purpose Practice you can activate at home or work, and both championed others as well as felt like the champion you really are in advancing this authentic and powerful way to show up in the world.

We worked hard to curate people and topics that reflected:

  • Our Huge Heart – where People are always at the center of the work
  • The Best Science – reinforced by the wisdom traditions of 2,500 years ago and neuroscience from 2,500 milliseconds ago
  • The Best Principles – that are timeless and universal
  • Best/Next Practices – that inform how we can operationalize this work both in and in spite of current systems
  • For the Greatest Good – where a quadruple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit and Purpose prevails
  • & For the Longest Term – with Scalable and Sustainable solutions that will make For Purpose the new normal

Whether you were able to attend the conference or not, if you would like to stay connected on this purpose journey and be apprised of other gatherings, do join us at:

And visit us at our website at:

May we remember to reach for those farthest behind first, and may you be that person you needed most when you were younger.

With love and respect on behalf of the entire SDAMA and Chamber of Purpose teams

Your co-chairs,

Neville Billimoria, Eric Kaufmann & Larry Kesslin


In Service of Our Small Blue Planet with Environmental Stewardship:
Neighborhood Drop Off Programs for those Interested in Composting from Inika Small Earth: (Making community composting  easier)

In January 2018, City Council of San Diego unanimously passed an amendment to the solid waste ordinance allowing community scale composters to compost up to 1000 tons of vegetative food scraps anywhere in the city without requiring a franchise hauling license. This is path breaking and a first for any local government in the State of California and sets the stage for community composting.

As a result community compost hubs and food scrap drop off points are springing up all over our city. These compost hubs are keeping organics out of landfills, strengthening the spirit of community and regenerating our depleted urban soil. One such innovative social enterprise is Food2Soil which is building a network of decentralized, hyper-local loops connecting food waste generators, soil-farmers and urban gardeners thus ensuring that resources stay close to their generation points and benefit the local communities.

Residents and businesses in San Diego can now participate in a program that composts their food scraps for them. Each compost hub utilizes these scraps to teach the next generation of urban farmers to grow food for their communities in ways that regenerate the soil and preserve its capacity to naturally cycle nutrients. In doing so they make handcrafted compost that is humus rich, made entirely from fruit and vegetable scraps, transformed with the help of oxygen, water and billions of friendly micro-organisms that keep soil alive.

Food is for humans, animals and soil. Sending food to landfills contributes to climate change. More importantly it deprives animals and soil of the nutrients they need and increases our farmer’s dependence on corn and soy feed as well as nitrogen based fertilizers.

Food2Soil offers a weekly pickup of kitchen scraps for its member businesses.

Individuals and households interested in joining the drop off program can learn more and sign up online at

Businesses Can Advance a Purpose Agenda Leveraging the Power of Economics:
Blue And Red Companies: How CEO Activism Is Reshaping Workforce Politics

“I knew I was going to get a lot of hate mail. I knew I was going to get threats. I knew my family was going to get threats, and all of that has happened,” he says. “But somebody’s got to have the courage to step up and say something needs to be done.”

Thanks this week go to the entire Cause Conference team, Sarah B-M, Eric K and the Conscious Leaders Collective and everyone working on purpose!

Please pay it forward

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‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.’- Mark Twain


Your Soul Food for the Week of Oct 11th 2018: Come Out and “Be the Person YOU NEEDED When You Were Younger”

“Be the Person YOU NEEDED When You Were Younger”

Let’s Elevate Issues of Social Justice, Equity, Inclusion, Global Consciousness, Mental Health & Self Care!


National Coming Out Day is celebrated every year on October 11th

It grows and becomes more well-known every single year. National coming out day is a time for those in the LGBT community to finally be open about who they are to their friends, family and the world! This day was actually founded way back in 1988 and since then it has hit the world by storm. Being out and proud as a lesbian person, a bisexual person, a gay person or a trans person is such a liberation and is sure to completely transform your life for the better.

This week:
Come Out
BE CAUSE Oct 11 and 12
UC San Diego HomeComing Oct 19-21

See the change you want to be. Be the change you want to see…
It’s Time to Measure Success Through a New Lens: San Diego Business Journal Op-Ed This Week
SDBJ Commentary Article_10.08.18

Last Call for Positivity of Epidemic Proportions:
A COMMUNITY COLLABORATION: We’re elevating the community—collectively. Some of San Diego’s finest mission-driven organizations have joined forces to co-create and co-curate the program and activities of Cause Conference THIS FRI, OCT 12. Combined with their expertise and participation, you can expect one the most impactful event experiences to date. JOIN US:

AMA San Diego, Conscious Capitalism San Diego, Business For Good San Diego, San Diego Social Venture Partners, PRSA San Diego, Mission Edge, San Diego Grantmakers, Sanford Institute of Philanthropy and more!

Nonprofits and Activism- Restoring Your Faith in Humanity
Curiously both Skyler and Patrick use balloons to weave their story and both are keynoting at Cause on Friday…

Selfishness is killing the human spirit -Skyler McCurine is redefining the standard of beauty in America:
Happiness research proves that if you perform random acts of kindness for two minutes a day, for 21 days, you can actually retrain your brain to be more positive.
So What? When you brain is more positive, you are 31% more creative, intelligent and productive. Selflessness through acts of kindness can actually make your work smarter and better! (see more at the 8:20 mark)
Skyler is one of keynote speakers at this Friday’s Cause Conference…

Kids Are Inspired People- with Patrick Combs:
“You are the only person in the world looking out for your heart”
Patrick Combs, Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame and Opening Keynote at this Friday’s Cause Conference


In stark counterpoint…

How Much We Value Male Anger, and How Little We Rate Female Sadness:

The Kavanaugh hearing was a master class in misreading anger as honesty. The thing about male anger, no matter how pouty and infantile it is, is that people respect it. Female anger is not only disapproved of; it’s read as essentially wrongheaded, a sign of pathology and brokenness… This article, in short, is about the power of anger: who gets to use it, and how it’s misread.

For the complete recording on the fallacies we use to accept bad behavior, including “DARVO”, click on: and pick The Victimhood episode. It is enlightening!


If you are local…

Tritons Unite! Everyone is Welcome!


UC San Diego is hosting a big Homecoming Weekend, and the start of a new tradition from Oct. 19-21! It’s going to be campus-wide fun over three days, with free soccer games and a beer garden on Friday night; a Saturday night Triton Tailgate music festival, featuring hit musician and surfer Donavon Frankenreiter; and a fun Brunch-with-a-Prof event on Sunday. Add to that numerous athletic games, arts events, and special campus tours and activities throughout the weekend. Friends and family of all ages are welcome! It’s going to be a great time to explore campus and connect with the community.

Even better: you can use discount code SWEET” for $5 off registration. Check out the lineup:

There are over 45 events and activities from Friday, October 19 to Sunday, October 21, and EVERYONE you know – friends, family, neighbors, colleagues: alumni and non-alumni, alike — is welcome to attend! Events are filling up, so encourage your contacts to register today; feel free to share the “SWEET” promo code for $5 off any of the ticketed events.

A FUN OPPORTUNITY for the Sunday brunch crowd is “Brunch-With-A-Prof,” featuring a delectable menu of French toast casserole, avocado toast with heirloom tomatoes, breakfast hash, salted caramel bacon, and a mimosa bar, just to name a few items. The gourmet fare will be seasoned with opportunities to meet some of the alumni community’s favorite professors – a great opportunity to reconnect with campus….and for families to bring out tweens and teens already thinking about college!  To add even more brain to the brunch, there’s a special mini-lecture about social media and politics that will arm attendees with new insights in the run up to November election season. (Note: with the SWEET promo code, this event is just $5 per person!)

Get social on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag @ucsdalumni, #UCSDHomecoming

Thanks this week to all of you that make the world better!

Pay it forward with Purpose

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“Be the Person YOU NEEDED When You Were Younger”

Working on Purpose & Working for Purpose to Elevate Humanity and Actualize the American Dream, California Dreamin’ & Improving Social Mobility


This week:
First an antidote, then the diagnosis
The antidote- purpose
The diagnosis- the unrealized potential of humanity as expressed in social immobility

As Brandon so compelling puts it in the last piece in this week’s missive (see below),  When leaders have rooted their identity in their purpose, transforming and overcoming the inner voices that keep them from taking risks, and creating a purpose-driven career plan, they take massive action rooted in their commitment to themselves and what they most care about in the world.” May we all manifest this for our greater selves and take the steps to make it real…

As you will see from this week’s links below, the American dream, Californian dreamin’, Equal pay and Gender parity remain unrealized opportunities in the US, California and here in San Diego.

That said, we can work towards the societal change we wish to see and this gathering next week is a consummate example so please consider joining us if you want to do something meaningful with people that share your values and viewpoint!

U/T Spotlight Podcast on with Drew Schlosberg on The Power of Purpose:
The What behind the Why You Might Want to Invest a Day of Your Life with Your Peeps…

Join us Friday Oct 12th and Be Part of the Change YOU Wish to See in the World:
It’s true. It’s good-hearted people like you who make Cause Conference a uniquely special experience. It would mean the world to us if you joined!
In just two weeks, hundreds of San Diego’s cross-sector leaders and influencers will convene to:

  • Coach and provide practical tools to enhance a purpose-driven organizational model and mindset;
  • Connect with like-minded people to share ideas, solve tough problems, and foster new, innovative partnerships that impact the community; and
  • Champion and recognize momentous, collaborative partnerships and successes that make the San Diego region a better place for all.

We architected the 20th annual Cause Conference with you in mind. With impact at its core, Cause Conference deliberately challenges the myth that cross-sector organizations have unique challenges that can’t be conquered with cross-sector expertise, collaboration, and passion. No matter where you are on your purpose journey, we think you’ll find the insight, connections, and inspiration to advance your mission while driving profits and improving ROI. Empower your purpose with:

  • Collaboration-Focused Formats: This isn’t a sit-and-listen kind of conference. Roll up your sleeves and collaborate with participants and facilitators to ideate, solve problems, and develop plans to execute.  SEE SCHEDULE >
  • Purposely Curated Program: Inspire the great work you do with workshops facilitated by purpose powerhouses, including Malin Burnham, Skyler McCurine, Patrick Combs, Christy Wilson, Karim Bouris, Anne Marbarger, and more.  SEE ALL 50+ FACILITATORS >
  • A Community Collaboration: We’ve partnered with some of San Diego’s top values-driven organizations, like Business for Good SD, Conscious Capitalism SD, Mission Edge, Social Venture Partners SD, SD Grantmakers, to co-create conference content and attract even more, purpose-driven participants!  MEET OUR PARTNERS >
  • Social Engineering: We’ve allocated more time and designed some fun, facilitated connection development activities. Come see your friends and meet some great new partners.  SEE WHO’S COMIN’ >

Hope you’ll join us Friday, October 12th for Cause Conference and the evening before for the #CauseSD Kickoff Mixer. Tickets start at just $189. Please do REGISTER TODAY as prices will go up after next week. Spread the word, rally your friends, and save even more with ticket bundles.

Our collective outcomes will be much more impactful with you there!

Your friends,
Co-Chair, Cause Conference 2018; Co-Founder, Chamber of Purpose; SVP Membership & Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union
Co-Chair, Cause Conference 2018; Executive Director, Chamber of Purpose; President & Founder, Sagatica
Co-Chair & Sponsorship Director, Cause Conference 2018; Sustainability Chair, Chamber of Purpose; Chief Connector, Corporate Alliance
Executive Board Member & Programming Director, Cause Conference 2018; Project Manager, Chamber of Purpose; Past President, AMA San Diego; Chief Innovationist, Integrix

For a day, I was one of the millions of Americans without a bank account. It was humbling – The San Diego Union-Tribune

The Bottom 90 percent are Still Poorer than They were in 2007:
Indeed, according to numbers put together by researchers at the Federal Reserve, the top 10 percent of working-age households were the only ones who, adjusted for inflation, were richer on average in 2016 than they were in 2007. Everyone else, as you can see was somewhere between 17 to 35 percent poorer than they’d been almost a decade before.

(Source: Federal Reserve)


California Economy Leaves Far Too Many Poor:
Behind California’s status as the fifth-largest economy in the world is the troubling reality that the Golden State is also one of the most impoverished in the nation.


New Survey Shows California Dream Continues To Fade

Nearly half of working Californians are grappling with poverty, according to a new survey by the DC-based Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). “These are people who are working and in many cases, multiple jobs and they’re still not able to make ends meet,”


How Women Get Paid What They Are Worth: The Inner Game of Purposeful Wealth

What underlies these common barriers, and moves leaders into confident, clear and effective action is developing their inner game. When leaders have rooted their identity in their purpose, transforming and overcoming the inner voices that keep them from taking risks, and creating a purpose-driven career plan, they take massive action rooted in their commitment to themselves and what they most care about in the world.

Thanks this week go to Drew S, Wade T, Eric K, Larry K, David P, Ron A, Brandon P, and all purposeful souls committed to elevating humanity

Please pay it forward!

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“The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be
honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have
lived and lived well.”
 – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Join Me As We Protect Endangered Wildlife, Advance our Purpose, Respect and Protect Girls and Women & Eliminate Food Insecurity With Your Help

This week:

Join Me As We Protect Endangered Wildlife, Advance our Purpose, Respect and Protect Girls and Women & Eliminate Food Insecurity With Your Help


World Rhino Day:
World Rhino Day was last week and celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.
World Rhino Day highlights efforts to debunk the myths and diminish the demand for rhino horn.
Visit to shop for a good cause

Chamber of Purpose Update + Cause Conference Details for the 20th annual conference coming up Oct 12th
Here is a short 4 minute video from Eric and I (two of the three co-chairs) as we advance a purpose practice and stand up the first Chamber of Purpose right here in San Diego along with the Cause Conference and the Purpose Awards. Thank you to the region’s purpose-driven community who’ve contributed their valuable time, treasures, and connections to stand up and co-create the Chamber of Purpose.
To learn more about the event, the speakers the awards and to register for the Cause Conference:

09.28.18-2Here is Larry K the third co-chair along with Little Tommy of iHeart Radio

 iHeart Community Spotlight Segment with Little Tommy to Air this Sunday:
If you are local, listen for this on the iHeart radio stations in SD
Sunday                 6:30am                   KHTS FM (Channel 933)
Sunday                 6:30am                   KIOZ FM (Rock 105)
Sunday                 6:00am                   KGB-FM 101.5
Sunday                 7:00am                   KSSX-FM 95.7 (JAM’N)
Sunday                 6:30pm                   KOGO-AM 600
Sunday                 10:30pm                KMYI-FM (Star 94.1)
Sunday                 11:30pm                KLSD–AM 1360 (XTRA Sports)

Amid Kavanaugh Allegations, Re-Thinking The Common Refrain ‘Boys Will Be Boys’:
“The sorts of things and behaviors that we reinforce as manly to boys are not what we expect from good men,” says Leek, who argues that justifying misbehavior among young men by saying, “Boys will be boys,” spreads confusion about how boys and young men should act. “To even take it a step further, it almost frames it as if to imply that those behaviors are actually what make boys boys.”

Locker Room Talk. “Says who?” TEDx Talk with Alexis Jones
Having spent the past three years working intimately with male athletes, Alexis Jones is redefining “manhood” one locker room at a time. After growing up a Texas tomboy with four older brothers and working in “the lion’s den of dudes” at Fox Sports and ESPN, Alexis takes an inspiring, hysterical and at times inappropriate approach to empowering young men to better respect and protect the girls and women in their lives with her exclusive locker room curriculum, ProtectHer. (Viewer discretion advised.)


Ready to do something about this?
Join Me:
I am doing a pre-conference workshop for the Global Empowerment Summit in a few weeks on Oct 5th 2018
Here is the link to the summit on the 6th:

Here is the link to the workshop(s) on the 5th:
To register, one needs to click the “select a time” link
The workshop I am leading is the first one entitled; “IT’S TIME TO MAN UP”
Please share it with men who want to be part of the change…


Hunger Awareness Month and Food Insecurity in San Diego:
We are coming to the close of Hunger Awareness month but with 1 in 7 people in San Diego experiencing food insecurity, it is likely that we all know someone suffering from hunger throughout the year. With so many contributing factors to food insecurity, it’s important that our community work together to build awareness of the prevalence of this issue and work together to reduce hunger and its root causes.

Data collected by the San Diego Hunger Coalition estimates that 486,000 individuals in San Diego County experienced food insecurity in 2016. When looking at the number of children affected, the percentage rises to 1 in 5 children not having access to enough food. To put this into perspective, there are more people in San Diego County struggling with getting enough food to eat than there are residents in Vista, Escondido, San Marcos and Carlsbad combined!

There are a number of contributing factors to food insecurity, but one of the largest challenges unique to San Diego is the incredibly high cost of living. In an area that is experiencing an affordable housing crisis, more families are forced to make difficult decisions about whether to maintain a roof overhead or put food on the table.  Other rising costs, including the cost of healthcare, create decisions between paying for prescriptions or purchasing food.

There are also a number of social and economic factors which contribute to people’s inability to purchase food. Among them are limited access to education and employment that provide a living wage, but perhaps the most enduring root causes of food insecurity in the US are racial, ethnic and class-based inequities that span generations. This inequity has created a divide in the accumulation of wealth, including savings, home, or business equity, that historically disadvantages some populations. Low-income people, people of color, women, single mothers, people with disabilities, and other disenfranchised groups are more likely to experience food insecurity because of intergenerational inequality.

We recognize that these issues are larger than a single organization and it is critical for us to work collaboratively with other organizations that are working directly on these issues.  It’s important to promote an intersectional approach, in building awareness, creating partnerships, and sharing resources. Systemic challenges require systemic solutions, and collective impact is the most effective way to approach such a large scale issue.

The Hunger Coalition and the San Diego Food System Alliance are two examples of collective impact organizations in our community working to reduce food insecurity. To learn more, visit or find them on social media.  If you’d like to help advocate for local, state, and federal changes, you can sign up to become a Hunger Free Activist with the Hunger Coalition by clicking here.

The San Diego Food System Alliance facilitates monthly Healthy Food Access Working Group meetings with the goal of making sure all San Diegans have access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate foods. Find out more at

Hunger is still a huge challenge in our community, but one that can be addressed with the appropriate collaboration, education and resources.

For Love and Food,
Amanda Schultz Brochu, Senior Director of CalFresh and Advocacy, San Diego Hunger Coalition
Shannon Pavell, Development and Communications Manager, San Diego Food System Alliance

Thanks this week go to Ross G, Larry K, Galina M, Shannon P & Amanda SB for being the change we want to see

Please pay it forward!

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“There comes a time when the mind
takes a higher plane of knowledge
but can never prove how it got there”—
Albert Einstein

Your Soul Food for the Equinox Friday Sept 21 2018: Purposeful Work Places & Harmonizing with Nature


This week:
Purposeful Work
The four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism include; Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture, a Purpose orientation and engaging all Stakeholders in the work.


With regards to the culture piece we know structure impacts function and many are designing work environments to optimize culture.
Here is an interesting piece on Open Office Plans

Just How ‘Open’ Are Open Office Plans:

All of us in the world of work are cursed with meetings.
So, instead of complaining about the drain they place on organizations, here is something to make them better
9 Conscious Practices for Meetings that Shine:
Your meetings are the manifest expression of your culture. Slow down and take that in, because it’s important.

Harmonizing with Nature

In a far-flung corner of northern India, the region of Ladakh envelops a mystical “Moonland” of barren alpine desert, where Tibetan Buddhist monasteries hide among some of the world’s most impressive mountains. Long caught between powerful neighbors, the area only opened to tourists in the 1970s. Now photographers like Belgian Yuri Andries flock to this once impenetrable, otherworldly region to document its many contrasts in his series called Moonland.

Surreal Photos of Life in a Mystical Moonland

Hurricanes and the Most Beautiful Visuals of Atmospheric Circulation:
Hurricane season is upon us yet again. A hurricane is all about heat wanting to get to where it’s not. Hold an ice cube in your hand and it feels like the cold is coming into your hand. But it never works that way in this universe. It’s really the heat of your hand moving towards the ice cube. Same with a hurricane. It’s the excess heat in the ocean moving to the atmosphere, to where it’s not. As all that heat and water vapor rises, the earth’s spin puts a spin on the rising column. Voila! The ferocity of what comes next depends on how much heat is in the ocean, over what area, and the conditions aloft in the atmosphere.

A rather astonishing amount of excess energy is trying to find equilibrium in these objects. One good size hurricane like Florence is constantly releasing about 200 times our world’s electrical energy capacity.

Check out two things. First, what I think is the most beautiful representation of the complexity and aesthetic quality our atmosphere:

This first view is surface wind, and you’ll notice hurricanes in both the Pacific and three in the Atlantic – Florence, Isaac, and Helene. Click the earth button at lower left and you can show wind at various heights — the hpa numbers. It’s really air pressure at various heights with lower pressure being higher up in the atmosphere. 1000 hpa is near the surface. 250 hpa is at about 36,000 feet – the very top of the troposphere, the zone in which all weather takes place. Above that, you’ll notice that there is little or no sign of the hurricanes.

Second, I took a plane ride with the Hurricane Hunters a few years ago into Hurricane Gustav. Every bit of that adventure was exciting, but on reflection, one of my favorite memories is of the woman who piloted one of the most macho vehicles in the world – a WC-130 Hercules outfitted to fly into the eye of a Cat 5 hurricane. We men sometimes need a reminder that women can do anything and everything.

These amazing pilots, crew, and scientists are in these hurricanes at this very moment trying to figure out the details of how they work and where they might be headed.

Cheers, Charles




Thanks this week go to Eric K, Glenda O,  Charles S and Conscious Leaders Everywhere!
Stay conscious, purposeful, connected to nature and may you find your joy in the most unlikely places…

Please Pay it Forward

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“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”
Dr. Jonas Salk

Remembrance, Bringing Out Our Best, Taking Care of Our Mental Health and Aligning Around Shared Values Globally + A $1,000 Marketing Scholarship for a Local College Student


This week marked the 17th Anniversary of 911, National Suicide Prevention Week, World Suicide Prevention Day and International Literacy Day.

Let’s honor our past, confront the brutal facts but always maintain hope, as well as behave into the values and world we want to see and leave for our kids.

I get that most of us don’t want to talk about sex trafficking, suicidal thoughts, and other social ills, but we are only as sick as our secrets!

Bringing Out Our Best Self
How Bamboo Trees Will Bring Out Your Best Self with Les Brown:

Research Suggests At Least 10% of the World’s Population Fully Shares the Same Values
The Good Country: Human Race First & Citizens of their Own Country Second, More Govt. Cooperation & Less Competing- If Only Humanity Could Learn To Work As One

The Good Country is now much more than an idea, more than a TED talk and more than an Index: the Good Country is becoming a country. We’re not doing this because we want to build a better country, but because we need a new country to build a better world. Four years after Simon Anholt launched the Good Country Index at TED, our research has shown that at least ten percent of the world’s population fully shares the values of the Good Country.

That’s seven hundred million people, the world’s third largest nation. These are the people who, like us and perhaps like you, think of themselves as members of the human race first, and citizens of their own country second; people who’d like governments to focus a lot more on collaborating and a little less on competing; people who don’t mistrust or dislike other people just because they come from a different background; people who see a great future for humanity if only humanity could learn to work as one.

In just seven days, the Good Country becomes a country.

20,000 of our followers from 178 countries have already been in touch to say they want to be part of the first cohort of citizens when enrolment opens on our new website on September 17th. We really hope that you will be among them.

We’ll be welcoming just 200,000 citizens before closing again towards the end of the year. If each of our existing followers invites just 10 friends to enroll, we’ll reach our first target.

We’ll then spend the next nine months working with all of you to get everything ready for our main launch in September 2019, as well as planning and executing our first projects designed to “make the world work better.”

In the meantime, please keep an eye on our interim site for further information and downloads.

We look forward very much to welcoming you home to the Good Country next week.

With our warmest regards,

Simon and Madeline


National Suicide Prevention Week:


National Suicide Prevention Week
September 9-15, 2018

World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10, 2018

If your life has been touched by suicide, we are sorry for your pain.

If you or a loved one has ever contemplated suicide, please know that you are not alone.  We hope the six strategies below will be a reminder of the supports available around you and within you.

1.  Please Get Help as Soon as Possible
If you are experiencing suicidal ideations, please reach out to someone (including a mental health professional) as soon as possible.  Sometimes those that you reach out to won’t know how to support you in the way that you need, so you might have to figure that out together and/or reach out to a few different people.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) is available 24 hours a day.  If you get someone on the line you are not comfortable talking with, ask if you can speak to someone else.

2.  Create an Action Plan to Stay Alive

Create a realistic list of action items that you can follow in case the ideations intensify, and keep it readily accessible at all times.  Your list may include a few people you can try calling right away, a few places you can go where you can stay safe, and specific things you can do to try to deescalate the ideations.

Call 911 immediately if you are about to act on your suicidal ideations.
3.  Sustain Your Strength
Suicidal ideations can grow stronger when you don’t have the energy to counter them.  Even if you don’t want to eat, it’s crucial to give your brain and your body a consistent stream of nutrients found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy high-protein foods.  Practice eating mindfully and adjust your diet to what helps you feel better and gives you the most energy.

4.  Shift Your Mood with Your Body and Breath
Our body language reflects our mood, and the way we breathe reflects our emotions.  If your posture is slumped, sit or stand tall in a way to remind you of your strength.  If your breath is shallow, breathe in and out deeply to increase energy and mental clarity.

Try this Dynamic Mindfulness Practice to increase your vitality with the movement and breath:




5.  Give Yourself a Break by Disrupting Rumination
The overwhelming emotions and thoughts that accompany ideations can feel unbearably intense and relentless.  Give yourself a mental break by going outside for a stroll, even for a few minutes, and every time you see something beautiful or uplifting, take three deep breaths as you take in the moment.

You can also try this simple Dynamic Mindfulness Practice:



6.  Begin to See Yourself in a New Light
When experiencing ideations, our view of ourselves can become distorted.  As you engage in practices that nurture self-awareness, you can reframe the words you use to describe your experience so that you are not defined by your emotions.  Some possibilities for reframing include:


Please share this E-mail with anyone that could benefit from the strategies above.

May we always remember to see the inherent goodness and infinite strength in ourselves and each other.

With Care,

Rosalind Lwin
Training Director

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Empathy + Equity + Empowerment

Over the past 13 years, Niroga Institute has directly served 60,000 students in K-12 schools, and trained 12,000 educators from across the US in Dynamic Mindfulness, who have brought it to an additional 500,000 students
Join this community of leaders and build a movement.


Happy International Literacy Day!


Happy International Literacy Day!!!

Please join us as we celebrate the joy
and importance of literacy in the world and locally.


The San Diego Council on Literacy unites the community to
support literacy through advocacy, partnerships, coordination, and resources.
We represent a network of 27 literacy program partners
that annually serve 179,000 residents of all ages, at no cost.

If you are local…
Annual Global Empowerment Summit- Oct 6th
Through the Annual Global Empowerment Summit, we hope to motivate and mobilize local and global change makers and utilize existing mechanisms to sensitize and create awareness for critical social issues, such as human trafficking. We believe involved people working together on issues of common concern can find pathways for change, build better caring and sustainable
communities, and inform our youth, women, and girls, enabling them to take positive action on societal issues.

Pre-Summit Workshops including one I am facilitating: “Man UP!”- Oct 5th
No more by-standing, it’s time for trans-formation…Redefining the role of men in eliminating violence against women.
If you are ready to model a new level of what it means to be a real man, build efficacy and agency around this new role, and be a part of the solution to eliminating the pervasive social ills of sexual assault, sex trafficking and other forms of violence and exploitation, this workshop is designed to help you honor, envision, and embody a new mindset, heart set, and skillset.

Power In Purpose: Advancing The New World Of Commerce + Cause- Oct 11th and 12th
Collectively, we deliver an impactful conference experience that inspires and empowers organizations to implement strategies for purposeful communities, businesses and growth.

$1,000 Nonprofit Marketing Scholarship Available:
The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA San Diego) and Chamber of Purpose will award $1,000+ to a San Diego County college student who has demonstrated exemplary application of business and marketing practices to help a local, regional or national nonprofit organization that is a legally recognized, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. This act of service should be related to the 2018 conference theme:

Thanks this week go to Marlaine C, Elizabeth D, the Niroga Institute, the San Diego Council on Literacy, A4E, Chamber of Purpose and Cause Conference Volunteers!

Take care of Yourself and please pay if forward!

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“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
-John W. Whitehead

Raising Optimism in Pessimistic Times, Sleep and Relationships & Why Finding Your Passion May Be Bad Advice

This week:


Wanted: Optimists. Must enjoy challenges, appreciate possibilities and possess a deep belief in your ability to master a situation.
Hope for the future a must, and confidence in that hope a strong plus.
If your motto is “try, try again” and your glass is always half-full, you’re perfectly set to make the most of this — or any — opportunity.

How to Raise Optimistic Kids in Pessimistic Times:

How Sleep Affects Your Relationships, According to Science:
Three ways sleep impacts relationships—and how to gain the energy to fight back…

“Find Your Passion” is Bad Advice, Say Yale-NUS and Stanford Psychologists:
Your passion isn’t out there, waiting to be discovered. It’s not a mysterious force that will—when found—remove all obstacles from your path.
In fact, psychologists argue in a new study that the pithy mantra “find your passion” may be a dangerous distraction.


Speaking of Involving Yourself in the Community, If You Are Local…

Purpose-Driven Philanthropy Friday Sept 14, 2018


NCPC presents 

Purpose-Driven Philanthropy with
Keynote Speaker Neville Billimoria

08.31.18-4Join keynote speaker Neville Billimoria to explore ways we can think and act differently in our work together. Neville will lead an engaging luncheon discussion on purpose-driven philanthropy to complement our morning workshop.

Neville is an effective communications and values leader, growing organizations through external marketing, media, and sales effectiveness, as well as internal organizational alignment, corporate communications and leadership development.

He brings experience, energy and empowerment to his leadership role as SVP Membership/Marketing and Chief Advocacy Officer at Mission Federal Credit Union where he has accountability for a strategic array of crucial outward facing functions including marketing, community relations, corporate giving as well as promoting Mission Fed’s public image and brand.

Neville serves on several boards including; 2018 National Philanthropy Day Honorary Committee Chair, AMA Cause Conference 2018 Co-Chair, Conscious Leaders Collective & Conscious Capitalism Roundtable member, Real World Scholars Board member, Alliance 4 Empowerment Board member, Ackermann Foundation Board member as well as Oceanside Promise and Leadership Board/Advisor.

After graduating from UC San Diego, Neville remains involved on the UCSD Alumni Board Executive Committee, and teaching martial arts, yoga and meditation on campus for over 36 years. He is a frequent speaker on topics including brand as culture, purpose-driven leadership, social capital optimization and civic engagement.

Join Neville and NCPC to experience ways we can
keep purpose at the heart of our work!

Friday, September 14, 2018
Morning Registration: 9:30 a.m.
Workshop: 10:00 -11:30 a.m.
Luncheon Registration: 11:30 a.m.
Luncheon: 12:00 Noon – 1:30 p.m.


Morning Workshop: $25 for members | $35 non-members
Luncheon: $35 for members | $45 for non-members

Attend both sessions at a discounted rate!
$55 for members | $75 for non-members

Please note space is limited for Workshop – REGISTER EARLY!

Contact: or 760-729-6711 with any questions.

Location: Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa
(formerly Sheraton)
5480 Grand Pacific Dr., Carlsbad 92008


The Third Global Empowerment Summit 2018 “Time to Rise!” Saturday October 6, 2018:

Time: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Location: UCSD – Atkinson Hall (Voigt Drive & Engineer Lane)
This free, public event at UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute will include several prominent local speakers, global presenters from the United Nations and the World Bank, and survivors of abuse and trafficking who have risen above their adversity. The speakers will share their knowledge of social issues with global impact, such as human trafficking, and explore topics such as the power of collaboration, human triumph, and transformational leadership to solve societal problems.

There will be a vendor fair and international food catered by refugees, immigrants and survivors from different countries who now call San Diego home.

The most significant impact of the two previous Global Empowerment Summits has been the large-scale mobilization of local and global change makers. We believe dedicated people working together on issues of common concern can find pathways to change and build better, more caring and sustainable communities This creates a compassionate foundation from which we can build a better world. When we collaborate, we build bridges. The day’s events will encourage cross-cultural understanding, instill a strong sense of dignity and acceptance, promote problem solving, open doors to economic opportunity, and foster healthy growth within for all those involved.

Please join us! Together we can change the world!

Registration is free at:

Note: I am also conducting a workshop on Friday Oct 5th

It’s Time to “Man UP!” No more by-standing, it’s time for trans-formation…Redefining the role of men in eliminating violence against women.

Presenter: Neville Billimoria

Location: Atkinson Hall, Room TBA

Date/Time: October 5th, 1PM to 3PM

If you are ready to model a new level of what it means to be a real man, build efficacy and agency around this new role, and be a part of the solution to eliminating the pervasive social ills of sexual assault, sex trafficking and other forms of violence and exploitation, this workshop is designed to help you honor, envision, and embody a new mindset, heart set, and skillset.

This workshop is dedicated to the approximately 1.7MM homeless youth who are forced to leave their homes each year due to violence, abuse or neglect, where it is estimated that 38,600 are sexually assaulted, in the company of someone known to be sexually abusive or are engaged in sexual activity in exchange for money, food or shelter, and to the 425,000 youth who are victims of trafficking or feel the need to trade sex for food, money or a place to stay every year..

Registration is free at:

Please register if you plan to attend, and help us by spreading the word among your friends, your network and community. Thanks!

Warm Regards,
Naila Chowdhury & Feroza Ardeshir


Thanks this week go to Peter D, Marlaine C, & A4E!

Please Pay it Forward

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”