Stopping One Bad Habit, Einstein of the Ocean Turns 100, The Newest Nobel Prize Winner Describes Three Ways People Mess Up Their Finances by Relying on Emotions, and Courageous Aging- Your Best Years Ever Reimagined


This week:

Why Yoga May Be Essential for Career Happiness with Will Marre:

What would you do if you’ve learned that you were doing something every day that was making you unproductive, unhealthy, unhappy and sabotaging your relationships. More importantly, if you could easily stop this one bad habit and instead do just one thing that would help your career take off and make you healthier, happier, and improve your relationships would you do it? I will talk about the bad habit we all need to stop toward the end, but first India and the good habit.

I just got back from spending three weeks in India. The first week I spent conducting Gender Synergy workshops for a large tech company. It was very exciting to feel the enthusiasm of hundreds of male and female engineers and professionals as they learned about how bias in the workplace makes everyone less successful and the simple, Jedi-like work behaviors that transform working relationships and up-level results.

The key to engaging men in the sensitive topic of women’s equality is to point out that the cognitive differences between individuals of either sex is greater than the general differences between men and women. Yes, there are pink brain men and blue brained women. Workplace equality and opportunity begins by treating everyone like they are a genius. Once you shift your mind away from dealing with individuals as stereotypes and see them as human beings with unique talents, interests, and abilities you redefine the meaning of “inclusion.”  With that framework everyone gets a lot more interested in co-creating a culture where mutual empowerment becomes the engine of success.

So, the training was very rewarding for me to do.

But I want to tell you about some things I learned in India, and from my daughter, Nicole, who transformed her life and career through Yoga.

Yoga, the Good Habit

After the training, my wife and I travelled in Tamil Nadu, the ancient part of southern India known for its many, many temples, most of which are in full use today by millions of devout Hindu’s. One of the most obvious elements of sacred Hindu stories is the role of the feminine in all her dimensions. Both love and fierceness for the well-being of all, are prominent themes of many of the morality stories featuring Hindu Goddesses.


We also learned more about the evolution of yoga and some of it’s deeper meaning beyond posing, stretching and sweating. The simple meaning of the word yoga is UNION. You are free to interpret that meaning as you wish, but for me yoga represents the union of me with all that is. The energy that union is activated through the personal practice of uniting your mindful attention with a sacred intention to fulfill the promise of your true potential.

My temple tour thoughts about yoga combined with an evening-long conversation with Nicole lead me to these deeper ideas.


The physical practice of yoga with its focus on mindful breathing and specific body postures, release the kinks in both your muscles and your mind. Validated research confirms that the practice of yoga is the single best thing to do if you want to avoid premature aging, aches and pains, high blood pressure, and elevated levels of organ inflammation. Practicing yoga several times a week will also help you sleep more soundly, think more clearly, have better relationships and spike your level of optimism.

Amazingly, yoga is also the best exercise you can use to lose weight.  That’s because weight is lost in the kitchen not in the gym. And yoga increases our self-control and inspires confidence that we can achieve difficult goals through self-discipline. Many of the proven positive effects of yoga appear to be caused by the effect on our brains of deep states of mindfulness. Mindfulness inhibits reactive thinking and agitating triggering emotions. It reduces stress both physically and psychologically.

And yet the insight I got in India (later confirmed by research) is that low stress does not make you happy. It only creates clarity about the nature of work, love and play that will bring you happiness. Remember, happiness comes from saying yes. Yes to activities, relationships and experiences that bring you joy. Happiness is not the result of no stress, but is the feeling that arises from “inner coherence.”  This means what you do, who and how you love and the gusto with which you play reflects your deepest values and your best self.

In western psychology yoga is flow. It requires you giving 100% of your deep attention to what you are doing in the now.  This actually expands the power of your life force. This is the force of your identity and capabilities in the pursuit of what makes you fulfilled.

Thus, there is a:

  • Yoga of Work
  • Yoga of Love
  • Yoga of Play

Yoga is the union of your deeper self with whatever you are doing now.

If this sounds exhausting it isn’t. Because yoga is both psychological and physical flow, it is a source of energy.  When you tap into this energy, whatever you are doing becomes sacred because you are connecting to something bigger than your personal fears and desires.

So, what exactly does yoga have to do with your career?  Maybe everything!

I have literally taught thousands of people how to achieve career clarity and how to become a top ten percent person in your career. (Better than 90% of people doing what you do.)

Here’s how yoga can help. When you are doing a physical yoga session you should come away feeling calm and clear. That’s how your career should make you feel. If your work doesn’t give you that kind of energy you are either doing the wrong work or doing the right work in the wrong workplace.

If you feel full of confused energy, you can do a personal yoga retreat right now while you live your present life. Here is how:

For seven days take a yoga class each day with the mindful intention of gaining clarity about what work will create the “union” in which work becomes the flow of self-expression. During this “sacred seven day retreat” do not listen to or read the news, especially political news. Eat a low carbohydrate, high protein, no sugar or sweetener diet. Mindfully eat small portions often so you are never over full or hungry. Focus on the taste and texture of the food. Listen only to instrumental music but really listen to the individual sounds of each instrument. Only look at your cell phone three times a day and only respond to emails, texts and calls three times. When you are talking to others give your full, positive attention. You may also choose to read an inspiring book instead of looking at TV. At bedtime write in your journal answering two questions:

  • What does my highest self want for my life, and
  • What does my highest self want for my work?

You should end the week with seven journal entries with the last one being most clear and true. This retreat, without stopping your life, is a great immersion in living mindfully.

Developing a yoga mind can also help you get clear on how to go about your present work and how you might transform it into a fulfilling career. Your yoga-life practice will deepen your thinking and calm your brain so you can get to your deeper sources of wisdom. So yoga is the good habit…

The Bad Habit We Must ALL Stop!


And now, the bad habit we must all stop. You have to defeat the enemy of the unified mind. You have to house-break your out-of-control smart phone that is crapping all over your life.

Understand this–practicing the fullness of the Yoga of Life is more important than ever because our modern technology is cunningly designed to steal your attention from important things to the fleeting urgencies of others or disturbing news that we can do nothing about.

Our smart phones are making us stupid, stressed, confused and emotionally disconnected. Just read all the research cited in this recent Wall Street Journal article.

  • Experiments validate that just being in the same room with you smart phone lessens your attention in conversations with the people you love and they feel it.


  • In other experiments, couples felt less understood and felt lower intimacy and even less trust when they had conversations with their cell phones in sight.


  • Smart phones give us the “illusion of intelligence” but actually reduce our “cognitive capacity.”  Access to facts alone doesn’t make us wise. Smart phones can be a “cognitive crutch” which has proven to lessen your ability to interpret and solve unfamiliar problems. Since we no longer have to memorize because all data is available all the time our interior judgment is handicapped by laziness. This happens because we do not have memory of memorized facts that constitute a forest of internal knowledge that we can walk through to make decisions. We never become one with what we have learned.


  • Just the desire to check your phone, which we do on average 80 times per day, reduces your mental abilities such as reasoning, problem solving, and creativity.


  • In classroom experiments, students who had their cell phones visually available during tests made significantly more errors than students who had hidden their phones from sight. This is because the student’s focus was divided because part of their brain’s capacity was on alert for a possible text.

So smart phones are the anti yoga…the anti union with all that we value. They are useful tools but bad masters. When my clients are struggling for clarity I put them on a smart phone diet. They only get to interact with it 3 times a day.

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about up-grading your work, your relationships and your life but aren’t willing to do the full retreat start practicing Yoga three times per week for six weeks. Strive for inner coherence. Tame your technology. Go on a cell phone diet if you need to. Live in your “question” until you feel the union…the flow of connecting what you do with who you really are.

Don’t try…Do.


Einstein of the Ocean Turns 100:
“People are so afraid of doing something that doesn’t work. We ought to encourage students to experiment and make mistakes. We ought to give degrees for experiments done very well that have failed.”

The Newest Nobel Prize Winner Describes Three Ways People Mess Up Their Finances by Relying on Emotions:

Courageous Aging- Your Best Years Ever Reimagined by Dr. Ken Druck:
Dr. Ken has done it again!
From leading the executive coaching movement, to serving as a world authority on helping us cope with grief by transmuting his own pain into humanity’s learning, Ken has now created this practical and inspirational guide to making peace with and finding joy in every season and stage of life for a population that now will not only live longer but can do it with all the dignity and wellbeing EVERY human being deserves!
Ken Druck.png


If you are local…

Kids Free at Our Local Museums!
Here is an NBC spotlight featuring yours truly making sure our kids can enjoy more than 40 museums in the month of October

Empowerment Summit 2017: November 9th 2017


Join Us!

Please join Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, the Office of Family Assistance of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Solutions for Change as we discuss and explore a new vision to address the region’s toughest social issues. While San Diego County struggles with poverty, homelessness, and the lack of employment opportunities, our region has also developed innovative solutions to lift up the hardest to reach and help them to overcome dependency. Every new way of dealing with old problems starts with a vision. The purpose of this summit is to introduce an exciting new vision to address deep poverty and its symptoms. National and regional leaders will share bold and innovative ways to invest in human capital, strengthen families, and help our neighbors and communities live well.

Featured Presenters

Clarence Carter, Director Office of Family Assistance

Kristin Gaspar, Supervisor County of San Diego
Kristin Gaspar, Supervisor County of San Diego

Chris Megison, Founder & CEO Solutions for Change

Thursday, November 9th

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
North Inland Live Well Center
649 W Mission Ave, Escondido, CA 92025

  • Learn how non-profit organizations are innovatively addressing poverty through employment opportunities
  • Get a preview of new federal and regional efforts aimed at ending dependency and transforming the lives of some of the hardest to reach
  • Hear about successful models of collaboration between government, private non-profit, and for-profit investors in developing human capital
  • Invitation only (lunch provided)

Click to Register (REQUIRED)





National Philanthropy Day 2017:  November 14, 2017




Thanks this week go to Cathy S, Will M, Walter M, Ken D and Conscious Leaders Everywhere!

 Please pay it forward…

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“I will see it when I believe it.”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer


The Six Guardians of Your Total Health and Wellbeing

This week:


The Six Guardians of Your Total Health and Wellbeing:
With so much craziness in the world, we have to learn to take care of ourselves and one another.
Here is an article I wrote some moons ago that might help… 

Food and Diet:
You are what you eat.
Both disease and energy come through food.
Unfortunately, most of us eat for the sake of eating
not for the sake of health.
Our food, from a holistic perspective, serves two
primary functions.
The first is to nourish and give us energy (assimilate).
The second is to clean out and detoxify (eliminate).
All foods eaten for health and not just to indulge the
taste buds should aid in either or both these functions.
Typically, eating natural unrefined foods provides
the optimum source of nutrition and energy.
Eating “food without faces” is often suggested for a
long and healthy life. Unless you have an eating disorder,
one of the best things you can do for yourself is to eat less.
(Systematic under-eating)
For the average person in western cultures today,
only one fourth of what we eat actually helps us.
The rest helps the doctor! (No offense my doctor friends…)

Overeating simply overtaxes our system, wastes valuable natural
resources,(do you know there are as many starving
people in the world as there are overweight people?)
and creates other health problems down the road.

Finally, it is not just what you eat or how much you
eat, but HOW you eat that makes a big difference.
So many of us eat junk, eat too much and, if you are
like me, eat too fast. Learn to take time to enjoy the
process of eating. Savor every mouthful. Be grateful you
are not one of the people on this planet today that
is hungry, malnourished or starving to death. Half our
planet is undernourished!
Don’t put another mouthful in until the previous mouthful
has been completely swallowed. Take time to make the process of
eating a joyous, even meditative experience.
This conscious eating honors the food, appreciates the chef,
embraces the life energy made available through the meal
and ultimately provides more than calories, protein, carbs, fats,
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc.-it provides
life itself.
Try changing one thing about what, how and how much you eat today
and notice the difference…


Your Living Environment:
Usually, when we think of our living environment, we think
of the place where you live.
Your living environment, however, includes the place and
CONDITIONS under which you live.

It is not enough to have a clean, bright, airy home or apartment
in outer harmony with nature in perfect feng shui alignment,
if the inner environment is one of stress, tension and discord.

Creating an environment of support, comfort, and inner safety
can do wonders for the health and well-being for all members of
the household.

See if you can identify some things you can do to make your living
environment a sanctuary from the stress and tension in and around you.
Commit to making your living environment the best you can!


All exercise is good, but not all exercise is good for all people!
Today, everyone seems to be touting the benefits of exercise for
strengthening the body, relaxing the mind, reducing heart disease,
and even offsetting depression.

Exercise can be broken down into vigorous, moderate, and gentle forms.
Recent studies have validated the dramatic benefits of even a little
exercise on our health, with less dramatic advantages of intense exercise
over longer periods.
If a little is good, a lot must be better, doesn’t hold true when it comes
to exercise, although this varies from individual to individual.

No students this cannot be used as an excuse for me to make the trainings easier…

The old adage of no pain, no gain is also vigorously disputed in the current literature,
which validates what holistic practitioners have been saying for thousands of years:
involve yourself in types of exercise you enjoy.
Enjoy the process of exercising not just the end result.
Exercising for admirable abs or bodacious buns is probably not worth it if you don’t
enjoy the process.
In fact it might be killing you!
So much for the killer workout… It might be doing just that!

It seems that certain types of exercise do suit most people.
These include-walking, swimming, yoga and tai chi.
Yoga and tai chi emphasize the flow of life energy in the whole body
releasing toxins and creating a sense of wellbeing.
Maintaining flexibility and range of motion have long been key elements in developing
total health-so stretch yourself every day!

Regardless of the form of exercise or cross-training regimen you select,
make sure you learn, practice and emphasize the proper breathing method.
The benefits of using the proper breathing method cannot be overstated and
makes a tremendous difference in the process of exercising and the ensuring results.
Ask you Sensei to teach you how to breathe and I’ll save my breath and you can save yours!


One of the most sorely neglected aspects of wellness,
pun duly intended, is rest.
In today’s fast-paced society, the majority of us simply
do not get enough rest. The right amount of rest is defined
by your ability to recoup energy and repair damaged tissue.

Depending on your particular lifestyle and disposition, the amount
of rest you need will vary. If you are involved in a lot of hard
labor or intense exercise you will obviously need more rest than
those whose lifestyles are more sedentary.

But… “rest should not turn into rust!”


Communing with Nature:
Living in the urban jungle, we often lose our connection
to nature. For countless generations, our ancestors lived
in balance with nature, and recognized and celebrated the
interconnectedness and interdependence with all of nature.

Reawakening our primal links to Mother Earth, Father Sky,
Brother Sun and Sister Moon reminds us of one simple fact:

Nature is full of energy!

It is yours for the taking (shakuraki is a term the Japanese use about how we can borrow energy from nature)

Sunshine is a natural source of Vitamin D.
Sunshine is also a natural germicide and insecticide.
Fresh air purifies the organs and sharpens the senses.

We take in air through the lungs but also through the skin.
Pure water flushes us inside and out.
Drinking seven glasses of clean water a day is excellent for us.
Getting in cold water (hydrotherapy) causes the capillaries to
shrink on the outside and forces the blood to be shunted to the
heart, thereby cleansing and tonifying the circulatory system.
Spending time outdoors in communion with nature can do wonders
for ones state of mind.

Get out your calendar right now and block off some time in nature
today, this week and this month.


Right Mental Attitude:
It is well known that the mind governs the body and the body affects
the mind. In western psychology, they talk about a
psychophysiological isomorphism- a one to one relationship between
body and mind.

In today’s society of negats and negaholics, one must put on the armor
of one’s own positive thoughts. It takes practice to re-program ourselves
toward positive thinking. Sadly, according to scientists, we give ourselves
thousands of negative messages each day.
Worrying is nothing but negative goal setting.
And 90% of the things we worry about-NEVER HAPPEN!

Positive autosuggestion takes practice.
We all get to choose whether we want to elevate or
degrade our mental attitude.
Being grateful, practicing forgiveness, rewarding yourself daily,
laughter and humor, play and recreation, meditation and prayer,
practicing self-love, using affirmations, developing your own
self-healing script, and practicing positive self-talk are some
powerful ways to change your attitude and keep the change.

As my mentor Sensei Castilonia would say “cultivate a sense of pleasure, accomplishment,
contentment and enthusiasm for life” (keep the PACE) are some key indicators that you
are on your way to cultivating and developing the right mental attitude.

Drill for skill.
Practice like you want to perform.
What you do-you become.
Repetition is the key to anchoring a new behavior, attitude or skill.

With the six guardians mentioned above, you are
well on your way to creating a healthy life.

“Sow a thought-reap an action
Sow an action-reap a habit
Sow a habit-reap a character
Sow a character-reap a destiny!”

Be well & keep the PACE


If you are Local…
Kids Free in October- Thanks Mission Fed!

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park
October marks one of our largest and most popular signature events: Kids Free at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. For the tenth consecutive year, we are the presenting sponsor of this well-loved promotion, welcoming children 11 and under with free admission all month long, courtesy of Mission Fed.

Museum Month – San Diego Museum Council
New this year, Mission Fed has partnered with the San Diego Museum Council for its own version of Kids Free in October. Last year, nearly 20,000 children participated in the program and this year it is expected to be even more popular, as children can visit their choice of 43 local art, cultural and science museums throughout San Diego County on us!

Mission Fed - Kids Free - SD Museum Council 2017_English

Mission Fed - Kids Free - SD Museum Council 2017_Spanish

Thanks this week go to mentors everywhere, kind and caring community organizations and those of us that choose to see the change and then be the change in our world.

Stay well, support your community, keep the PACE and Pay it Forward!

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See the Change You Want to Be in the World”-Neville
“Be the Change You Want to See in the World”- Gandhiji

I Won’t Back Down!

This week:

My Soul Hurts with the Madness in the World by I Won’t Back Down!

“We are usually in one of these three situations.

  1. We are stressed out because a circumstance is not happening the way our old story perceives it should be happening.
  2. We are temporarily happy because a circumstance is happening the way our old story wanted it to happen.
  3. We are experiencing true deep fulfillment because we are connecting to this moment and to the truth of what we really are.  As we do this, we transcend the need for our circumstances to be any way because our connection is to ourselves.  This causes circumstances to change much more rapidly in our favor but we don’t care because our connection, truth, happiness are with ourselves, this moment and the universe.  We transcend the need for things to change but ironically, that is why things change for the better.  We are able to release everything as we connect to the bigger truth.  We stop playing small games in the addiction world and expand with the universe in the moment.
    All three ways serve a purpose.
    The first two will repeat themselves over and over until we fully understand they no longer serve us.
    The third way is where we will all end up, eventually…”
    Kyle Cease


The Earth’s Prayer a 21st Century Complement to the Lord’s Prayer:

Recent current events couple with conversations with a conscious leaders men’s group I am proud to be part of reminded me of this prayer I stretched myself to create some years ago.
Emboldened by the feedback from my brothers I decided to share it here, and while inspired on a summer trip to Europe in 2009, I think the spirit within is still relevant.
The PowerPoint shares both the back story and the final output. The text is on the left, and the rationale, deconstruction, analysis, inspiration, wrangling, etc is on the right of each slide, with the final composite integrated at the end.

As you will see, I was crazy enough to grapple with heavy topics and issues such as:

  • Faith, different faiths (institutional and highly personal), no faith but perhaps a different calling/connection, all together
  • The nature of God, the nature of Nature, a Natural g-d (spirit),
  • Transient v. Imminent Truth,
  • Humility to a Higher Self and Accountability to one’s Personal Self,
  • Investing in Loss (surrender/subservience) and Investing in Growth (stewardship),
  • Dis ease with prayer and the disease that lack of faith (of some kind) can bring,
  • The Strength of “Father” augmented by the Compassion of “Mother”,
    The list goes on…

We are sometimes socially directed to stay away from three taboo subjects; money, sex and religion. While this may be true for broad social interactions, as relationships deepen, one can’t have a real human connection without some appropriate discussion of one or more of these- to some degree- so here goes…
Finally, with any form of creative expression, there is by definition vulnerability and exposure, made exponential in this case, tackling a subject of this magnitude and emotive content, so be gentle on me…
If this is out of your comfort zone, simply delete it.
The Earths Prayer

Tom Petty’s Passing…
“I turned anger into ambition,” he told one interviewer. “Any sort of injustice would outrage me. I couldn’t contain myself.”
His songs stayed down-to-earth, with sturdy guitar riffs carrying lyrics that spoke for underdogs and ornery outcasts and I was privileged to see him one last time just a week ago…
In a world of legal wrangling over musical IP he was ok with musical accidents.
In 2015, when Sam Smith belatedly realized that the chorus of his hit “Stay With Me” had all too much in common with “I Won’t Back Down,” written by Mr. Petty and Mr. Lynne; he quickly shared the songwriting credit. “A musical accident no more no less,” Mr. Petty wrote in a typically laconic statement. “In these times we live in this is hardly news.”

A talented songwriter, Tom Petty was also a great musical collaborator. Enjoy these legends celebrating another legend:

It Starts with You:
Every Monday Matters is committed to inspiring a new normal, where individuals and organizations understand how much and why they matter to themselves, the community and the world and is a nice complement to Soul Food Fridays!

If you are local…
“No More No More”- A Free Human Trafficking Awareness Program October 11th from 3:30 to 6pm @ UC San Diego
I will be emceeing this event so please join us if you can…

10.06.17-1 NoMoreFlyer-resized

Thanks this week go to Paul C and the men in the CLC, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and All of Us that Know it Starts with Us and Won’t Back Down!

Pay it forward
Love, Neville

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“When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present….we experience heaven on earth.”

Beyond Happiness, A Life Without Words, Being Prepared and a 30 Compassion Challenge


This week:

There is More to Life Than Being Happy (TED Talk):
Enjoy this video that outlines the power of focusing on creating a more meaningful life, with four pillars which can lead to happiness. They are 1) a sense of belonging 2) finding your purpose 3) transcendence and 4) storytelling.

A Life Without Words (RadioLab)…
I Challenge You to Listen to the First Seven Minutes of this Podcast and Not Get Hooked into Listening to the Whole Thing:
Susan Schaller believes that the best idea she ever had in her life had to do with an isolated young man she met one day at a community college. He was 27-years-old at the time, and though he had been born deaf, no one had ever taught him to sign. He had lived his entire life without language–until Susan found a way to reach out to him…


If you are local (on not)…

It’s National Preparedness Month: Let’s Be Prepared!
Is there an earthquake fault near your home, your workplace or your child’s school? Or perhaps you live or work in a floodplain, high-risk wildfire area or a tsunami inundation zone. If so, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk in some cases, register for emergency notifications, and to better prepare your family for an emergency. To do that, you need all the facts.
The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services developed a Know Your Hazards online tool to help make getting that information as easy as typing in an address or dropping a pin on a map.

OES write-up here:  The last portion of the story has vital tools on emergency preparedness as well.

Know Your Hazards page here:


Are You Up for the 30 Day Compassion IT Challenge!



Hola! I wanted to send one more reminder about our upcoming 30-Day Compassion It Challenge. By making compassion a priority each day, you will no doubt experience an unforgettable month.

Like many, you may be frustrated by or even afraid of what’s happening in the world today. Heartbreaking headlines of climate change, injustices, and civil unrest can create feelings of helplessness, sadness and anger.

We each have the opportunity to create change in our world through our individual actions. Now is the time for compassion, and it’s up to you and me.

I hope you’ll sign up for our free 30-Day Compassion It Challenge. Please invite your classrooms, co-workers, friends and family members.

Learn more on our Facebook event page. Please use that page to invite others!

THANK YOU for making our world better.

With enthusiasm,
Sara Schairer

Compassion It

Thanks this week go to Peter D and the Conscious Leaders Collective brotherhood,  Enrique M from the Mission Fed team, &  Sara S helping us all be Compassion IT!

Please Pay it Forward with Purpose & Know How Much You Matter…

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“The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories and memories….”
– Barrie Stanford Greiff

The Autumnal Equinox & Three Laws that can bring Us Positive Energy in Alignment with the Universe- Be purposeful, Be patient and Be engaged

This week:


Happy Fall Equinox!
Three laws that can bring us positive energy, if we make the most of them… 

The Autumnal Equinox in San Diego is today Friday, September 22, 2017 at 1:02 pm PDT.  The Equinox reminds us about the passage of time, the motion of the Earth, and the changing of the seasons. It marks the start of Autumn for us in the Northern Hemisphere. For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s reversed. Spring has just begun for them. On this day, the Sun rises directly in the East, and sets directly in the West. It’s one of two times a year that the day and night are about the same length. On Sept 22 (in San Diego) the sun will rise at about 6:40am and set around 6:40pm; that day cycle is equally divided and the beginning of Autumn. The balancing act that is the Autumn Equinox reminds us of three laws that can bring us positive energy, if we make the most of them.


They are:
The law of attraction
The law of gestation
The law of action & they are especially potent when we honor them together.
They can also be summed up in this way… Be purposeful, Be patient and Be engaged. 

There’s much that is great about our world and life. And there’s much that we can help heal and improve. Let’s band together, leverage our unique talents and passions, and apply the laws of Life, to collectively manifest what we dream of for ourselves and our families.

Wishing you and your loved ones great good fortune in the season ahead and wishing you a special day, symbolic of balance in our life and with the environment..

Love and light!

Need A Happiness Boost?
Spend Your Money To Buy Time, Not More Stuff:

Equifax data breach: Do a 15 minute cybersecurity makeover:
What we can do to make our cyber selves a little safer…

The Remake Learning Networks Turns 10:
If you are exploring best principles in innovative collaborations, this is one I am a super impressed with!
Thanks James H for bringing their 10 year anniversary to our attention…

If You Are Local… 

The 45th Annual National Philanthropy Day November 14th 2017



Thanks this week go to Eric K, Billy S, James H and the entire NPD team!
Please pay it forward with purpose

“The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories and memories….”
– Barrie Stanford Greiff

Unbridled Sportsmanship, Overwhelming Kindness & Announcing the Soft Launch of the Chamber of PURPOSE San Diego

This week:

“Winners practice until they get it right,
while Champions practice until they can’t get it wrong!” 

Think Global-


Did You Witness this Fine Example of Unbridled Sportsmanship and Overwhelming Kindness at the US Open Women’s Final?
In a time fraught with incivility, flat out meanness, and a win at all costs mentality, these two young women warriors what a real champion & true success really looks like.
Champions model excellence and character both on and off the court and they really made my heart sing!

The moment that actually lasted forever:

Choosing to sit on the other side of the net with the vanquished:

Joking over the $3.7MM windfall:

Act Local-


19th Annual Cause Conference leads to the announcement of the Chamber of Purpose San Diego:

Last week, as many of you experienced first-hand, we officially announced the formation of our private Facebook group for the Chamber of Purpose San Diego at this year’s Cause Conference entitled; Maximizing Your Impact through the Power of Purpose. To date, more than 100 leaders have already signed up. If you self-refer as a purpose driven leader, you might consider joining this group and inviting other purpose-driven business and civic leaders to join us.
This will serve as a powerful “connectory” between working meetings as we crystallize our work effort, share our information and learn about others in the ecosystem. You will appreciate While this is a closed group which means anyone can find it, but can only join if an admin grants them access, in the spirit of inclusion, if you invite people you deem kindred spirits we will be happy to include them. We have an information literacy expert, Glen Warren helping us curate content and will be populating the site over the next few weeks…
Thanks for your personal commitment to making San Diego
America’s Kindest and most Purpose-FULL Region!

Thanks this week go to all the great coaches that teach character not just competence, and how to win both on and off the field of life, as well as everyone seeking & living their purpose!

Pay it forward!

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“The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories and memories….”

– Barrie Stanford Greiff

Leading the Purpose Revolution in Business & Beyond!

This week:

A great vid to reset your mindset and start you off on the right foot!

U/T Community Spotlight with Dr. D and Me:
Some insights for Conscious Leaders…


Here is a San Diego Daily Transcript Op/Ed on Conscious Leadership:
Among the greatest threats to Conscious Leadership is unmanaged stress…

Leading the Purpose Revolution in Business:
Enjoy this San Diego Business Journal Op/Ed I co-authored this week…San_Diego_Business_Journal(2017-09-04)_page35

Thanks this week go to Drew S, Vince H, Tom S, & the entire Cause Conference team that is simply too large to name everyone, but you know who you are!

Pay it forward purposefully!

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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders.
Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”
–Antoine de Saint- Exupery