Father’s Day Week Musings for Both Moms and Dads

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As Parents We Sometimes Doubt Ourselves and Compare Ourselves to Others…
This vid reminds us that nothing that can replace authentic and genuine parental love! https://www.facebook.com/KristinaKuzmic/videos/746556715553703/

11 Love Lessons Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter


If you are local:


Thanks this week go to Parenting 2.0 role models, Vince H, Joyce G and Caring Moms & Dads Everywhere!

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“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
-John W. Whitehead


Creating Connected Culture, Never Give Up & KINDness Matters!


This week:

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!” – Peter Drucker

3 Things You Need to Create a Connected Culture:
UC San Diego just celebrated Alumni Weekend where at a Leadership Luncheon, I was afforded the opportunity to contribute to the conversation.
As what I shared is relevant to all connected cultures, I include my remarks here…
Content is King but Context is God, and a culture of philanthropy- defined as love of human kind and rightly considered- must incorporate the following:


Whether as alumni, students, faculty, staff, community-members, it must become an institutional imperative and meta-competency of the entire ecosystem to “show me you know me”. For those who were in the room or if you are reading this for the first time, please know how much you matter. Thank you for your personal contributions of your discretionary energy, first and foremost, and if/when/as appropriate your discretionary income to causes that matter to you.

If we are committed to creating a genuine culture of connection, we must pay attention to matters of self-efficacy, worthiness, a sense of belonging, building affinity and fostering agency. This holds true for underrepresented minorities, for all students, for all of us. We all have a deep yearning to feel valued, heard, and understood at the deepest levels of our personhood and fundamentally to believe that we matter. This is common sense, but uncommon practice and can get lost in the institutionalizing effect of education and other enterprise.

Do your stakeholders know they matter to you?

  1. What matters most to YOU matters MOST!

If our work is authentically relational and not simply transactional, we must take the time to listen to and learn from our stakeholders.

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Instead of practicing the Golden rule (do unto others as you would have done unto you) we need to practice the Platinum rule (do unto others as others would have done unto themselves).

With all the talk and effort around “Engagement” which I have been studying and advancing for well over a decade, global data from Gallup has shown that engagement stats have not fundamentally changed worldwide for over 20 years. Most orgs have 50% of their stakeholders that are neutral about their work. Around 30% are engaged or hyper-engaged. Between 18 to 20% are toxically disengaged. The only antidote for this global pandemic that we know of is PURPOSE. Bringing meaning and purpose to our work, paid or pro bono, turns a job or even a career into a calling!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born
and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

Strategic purpose drives sustainable profit. This is not some touchy feely woo woo notion. This is 2,500 years old and an integral part of the wisdom traditions. This is also the latest thing backed by damned good social science…

  1. Finally, for those of us like me who have “imposter syndrome” surrounded by all these brilliant minds, accomplished leaders, inspiring teachers, & scary smart students whose entry level GPAs today would preclude the likes of us from even being eligible for admission at UC San Diego, I offer a counter-intuitive suggestion. We need to be “C” students.

We have B school (business). We even have D school (design). It is time for C school.  C school is about Culture and includes a culture of philanthropy. We need Cultural Competency and Cultural Literacy and I am not talking about how low you bow when you receive a Japanese business card, or which fork you use to eat your salad.

Being a C School affirms our notion of (the Triton) brand as culture not marketing campaigns. This orientation foregrounds:

    1. Collective Wisdom- not just smarts or intelligence
    2. Compassion- inviting the Dalai Lama to commencement is signaling we care about this most divine of human qualities. Human-centered design is vital to architecting a better future
    3. Civility- Today, we need more than civic engagement we need civil engagement now more than ever. Institutions of higher education committed to preparing us for a future that doesn’t exist yet, can model and mentor this for our whole society
    4. Co Curricula- It is about way more than what happens in the classroom. Less than 5% of our time over the course of our life is spent in the classroom, so we must pay attention to the other 95% of our live-long learning experience
    5. Connection- We all have a deep desire for connection. But connection is what our stakeholders through the law of reciprocity return to us by the way we treat them, not the other way around. Sequencing this properly really matters or we have it back-asswards
    6. Courage- All this requires a great deal of courage to fly in the face of countervailing trends and counterfeit correlations or unconscious biases that hold us hostage to a mind set and world view that might be in dire need of a refresh.

This world needs you. This community needs you. This campus needs you. There are students-in-waiting; the next generation through the promise, power and possibilities in front of us, and with our help will in turn be supported, activated, and yes LOVED to make our world better.

Hearts and Scholars:
Here is vid from a couple of years ago speaking to the power & promise made possible through scholarships. I am sure this holds true at all institutions…
Scholarship is an annuity that keeps on giving! You touch a life. They touch a world…
Love, Neville

Persistence in the Face of Overwhelming Odds:
I am guessing you didn’t know this part of Colonel Sanders story…Never, NEVER Give UP!

America’s KINDest Region?
Nominations for National Philanthropy Day close this week and here is a KUSI TV segment from this week inviting all of us to shine light not just by being the candle, but also by serving as the mirror…

Thanks this week go to educators everywhere, progressive parents like the Parenting 2.0 group, and all of us that extend our selves in loving kindness
Hope to see some of you at the Dalai Lama event!

Pay it forward!
Baby Neville


Kids for Peace Pledge
I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way.
I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day.
I pledge to care for our earth with my healing heart and hands.
I pledge to respect people in each and every land.
I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small.
I pledge to do my part to create peace for one and all.
 Visit our Kids for Peace website

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born
and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

Nature’s Greatest Artist and Working on Purpose

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

This week:


In 2014, I co-chaired an American Marketing Association Cause Conference on Purpose-Driven Leadership entitled, “Transformation through Collaboration”

This year we are ideating a similar gathering in September (September 8th so Save the Date). This time, it is being developed collaboratively by leaders from the SD American Marketing Association (SDAMA), the San Diego Non Profit Association (SDNA) and the local chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

Coincidentally, this week Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame delivered a commencement address at Harvard, focused on, you guessed it- PURPOSE

So today, enjoy nature’s implicit application and humanKIND’s increasing understanding of the value of purpose as the antidote for dis-engagement in work as well as hyper-engagement in life!

Nature’s Greatest Artist:
Oh The Things We Do For LOVE…

Zuckerberg Joins Call for Universal Purpose: Yesterday, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg delivered a visionary commencement address at Harvard, the school where he attended before dropping out to start Facebook.
The focus of his address – PURPOSE.

From Purpose to Impact: Harvard Business Review article that cogently argues that an leader’s most important role is to be a steward of the organization’s purpose…

Thanks this week go to all my co-conspirators on purpose and Larry H.
Pay it Forward!

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain

Your Soul Food Friday for Memorial Day Week: Both Heart-filled & Heart-break

Happy Soul Food Friday for Memorial Day Week!
This week:

A Love Story to Touch Your Heart!:

How to Talk with Kids About the Ariana Grande Concert Attack:
5 Tips

Just A Common Soldier:
A memorial day tribute…

If You Are Local:
Join us as we Honor Anne Wilson for her Accomplishments in Affordable Housing & Making Home Happen Right Here in San Diego on Thursday June 29th 2017


Thanks this week go to Larry H &  Marlaine M.
Please pay it forward!

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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” –Viktor Frankl

Compassion, Happiness, Teaching, Future Fit for Education and National Philanthropy Day 2017 Nominations

This week:


Compassion can save a life-
Jock Saved Helpless “Nerd” From Being Bullied. 4 Years Later He Learned the Heart-wrenching Truth:

What’s Success?
The Books Every New Graduate Should Read According to a Dozen Business Leaders:

Where Enduring Happiness Comes From:


There is a low correlation between success at work and happiness:  

Enduring happiness arises from aligning your actions with your values. Success on the other hand is the result of goal achievements. If your goals don’t reflect your values you will be disappointed in their achievement. Work will be exhausting. Life will be frustrating. But it’s not life that is disappointing. Rather, it’s that we have gotten confused as to its purpose.

Know what makes life meaningful to you. That’s your calling. Pursue that. 

Your life may not be easy, but it will be worth it.


Teachers: Inspiration, Recognition and Compensation:

Last week, I had the good fortune to attend an event, “Inspiration for Teachers,” during National Teacher Appreciation Week. It was both a celebration of teachers, and launch of a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Inspiration for Teachers. It was a wonderful evening, with presentations from some of the authors of the 101 stories in the book, highlighting how teachers make a difference. Like everyone else in the packed auditorium, I was moved by the many ways educators impact the lives of their students and how students impact the lives of their teachers. I became particularly tearful when one of the presenters, a young woman, recounted how her relationship with a teacher, through dealing with a serious physical disability, changed her life. She spoke about how he had inspired her, and that she wondered what inspires teachers? For me, and I believe most other teachers, inspiration comes largely from that relationship with students and the opportunity to facilitate them actualizing their potential. And the biggest boost comes when a student expresses gratitude publicly for the love and support they experienced in achieving their success. Next after that is the appreciation from parents for the growth and happiness they see developing in their children. This book launch is still affecting me, stirring up memories of these very significant, emotional moments in my career.


On the next Sunday, a colleague directed my attention to a TED talk being broadcast on KPBS, also I’m sure, to honor Teacher Appreciation Week. I only caught the second half of the show, but I was particularly struck by a woman who took on being principal of a school in a community with a high rate of poverty, high crime, and a low rate of high school graduation. Gang activity and violent crime in the community left students feeling uncertain about even surviving to adulthood. Her story was one of courage, creativity, and commitment to provide a quality education where no books or other resources existed, and students were unmotivated to learn. She found resources wherever she could, spent her own money for supplies, worked endless hours, and hired teachers who were similarly courageous, creative and committed; together they turned that school around. I think she shared that they graduate over 80% of their students now—a huge improvement. As I was beginning to feel tears welling up in my eyes and emotion filling my throat, I wondered why these stories get to me so much. I’ve heard them before, many times. Heck, I have my own stories. As I pondered, the emotion in my throat and the tears in my eyes dissipated, and I started feeling somewhat angry, and then hurt.

I realized that I chose to invest a great deal of my time, energy and money to make things work for my students. I did it gladly and would do it again. The hurt comes when I feel there is an expectation that I will work long hours and spend my own money to provide needed school supplies, food, and personal hygiene items, in support of optimizing the learning environment for my students; I will do what the government/society does not do. Teachers can be counted on for that. Teaching is a tough job. Those who do it will say they feel called to do it. When I see that I have been inspirational to students and colleagues, when my students, their parents, and my boss recognize my contribution, then financial compensation becomes less important to me and I accept less. I fear this is an expectation that we who teach have created for ourselves, by the fact that we will do whatever it takes to make sure our students get what they need. We let government/society off the hook for proper funding of public education.

As I pondered this more and more, I felt the outrage welling inside of me! Lack of funding has become normal, because teachers, being the empathic and caring folk most of us are, will fill in the gaps when we see no other solution available for our children. There must be other options for teachers besides putting up with scarce resources or spending our own money. What do you think?

Warm wishes, Jackie

If you are local:

As one of the co-leads of Future Fit for Education, I welcome your participation and hope you can add your voice and energy to this important dialogue next week:

Please join our LinkedIn group, Future Fit: Our Next LEAP for Education

Help Us Shape Future Fit Education


We are continuing the conversation about how we can shape what Future Fit education will look like in our region. We will have an opportunity to hear student input. Please plan to join us on Wednesday, May 31 from 5:00–8:00pm and feel free to bring others who have an interest in joining the conversation.

  • Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
  • Time: 5:00–8:00pm
  • Location: The Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011
  • Intended Audience: Anyone interested in the future of education
  • Fee: There is no fee if you attend, but if you don’t show and as a result prevent someone else from attending, a $50 contribution to an educational charity of your choice will be requested and you will be outed on CNN

Register Here Online for the Event! We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, May 31! You can also download the PDF invitation.  Please join our LinkedIn group, too, Future Fit: Our Next LEAP for Education. With LOL (Love of Learning), The Future Fit team – Alan Daly, Neville Billimoria, Glen Warren and Brenda Hall

As Chair of the National Philanthropy Day 2017 Honorary Committee, please help us amplify all the great work happening right here in San Diego by submitting nominations!


National Philanthropy Day Call for Nominations  Nomination Submission Extended to June 16, 5:00 p.m. Joining a Legacy of Philanthropists, Fundraising Professionals and Volunteers who have made an outstanding impact in our community. For Questions: Contact Georgia Ringler, Chapter Manager at Georgia.Ringler@AFPSD.org

Nominate an Individual, Organization, or Company that is Making a Great Difference

Do you know of a philanthropic story, or story of giving that needs to be told? Is there someone who is doing good work for your community? Submitting a nomination for National Philanthropy Day San Diego is a great way to show your admiration and appreciation. And the nominations process has been streamlined! The AFP San Diego Chapter annually recognizes individuals and organizations whose philanthropic achievements have made an impact in the San Diego region, Imperial County and Tijuana.  We look forward to building on the success of our predecessors and celebrating and honoring the rich diversity of our region. Please help AFP San Diego honor those most deserving!   Nomination Categories: Outstanding Philanthropist Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer Outstanding Organizational Volunteer Outstanding Grant Making Organization Outstanding Philanthropic Business or Corporation Outstanding Development Professional Outstanding Youth/Student Volunteer Nominations will close on June 16, 2017 at 5:00 PM.

Please help AFP San Diego honor one of its own and nominate someone today. For more information, including the categories and criteria, click here.



Thanks this week go to Julia N and Parenting 2.0, Will M and Smart Rocket, Jackie and Education Transformations, & the Future Fit and NPD teams!

Please pay it forward…

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“The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth, and to have it found out by accident”– Charles Lamb (1775-1834) British Essayist

Mind the Gap, the 4 Agreements Revisited, Smart or Pleasant, Positivity in Adversity, Ending Pre-Trial Torture and Future Fit Education


“Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
–Viktor Frankl

This week: 

Teach Your Children Well- A Revisit of The Four Agreements:
A conscious capitalism breakfast meeting this week reminded us of this short but powerful book that might make an excellent book club read with your family this Summer.

The ideas in this book represent insights possessed by the Toltecs in what is now Mexico a thousand years ago, yet most of these ideas are highly similar to concepts used by modern humanistic psychologists, transactional analysts, and cognitive behavioral psychologists.

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best



Smart or Pleasant:
“In this world Elwood, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant”…
Which value drives your actions?

6 Things Positive People Say in Adversity with Marshall Goldsmith:

End Pre-Trial Torture in 25 Countries Around the World:
Help us inspire and train the next generation of International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) public defenders (JusticeMakers), who are effectively ending pre-trial torture in 25 countries around the world. This is about supporting real social action in action. Help us Help IBJ and become a part of the effort. Take a look at our campaign https://igg.me/at/z5v952Ryhyc
IBJ isn’t trying to end pre-trial torture, they are currently doing so, and they can use all our help…


If you are local:
Future Fit Education: May 31st from 5-8pm at the Dove Library in Carlsbad
Please join our conversation and bring others on what the future of education will look like in our region with your help…
The event is free and dinner is included, but if you sign up and don’t show up we will ask for a $50 contribution to an educational charity of your choice and out you on CNN!
To register: http://sdcoe.k12oms.org/1020-132599


Thanks this week go to members of the Conscious Roundtable, the Conscious Leaders Collective, Ron S, and all current and soon to be participants in Future Fit

Pay it forward please…

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My Purpose:
Building engaged communities empowered to realize
their potential to positively impact the world!

Personal Greatness with Robin Sharma, Developing a Spirit of Philanthropy, and Teaching Kindness to Kids


This week:

23 Powerful Tactics for Personal Greatness with Robin Sharma:
1% victories performed daily–and flawlessly–are the keys to producing gargantuan results. Over long periods of time. You really don’t have to make sudden changes or frightening optimizations to raise your game + revolutionize your life. Instead, just master each day… By simply devoting to delivering a few micro-wins that, over time, elevate you to a place called wow. And a league called legendary.

[Ideas don’t work for those who don’t do the work, yes?].

I’ve deconstructed 23 powerful tactics to promote your personal greatness. To feed your inner hero. To fuel the history-maker within.

With great love + respect, I encourage you to make the time right now to read each of the ideas with a thoughtful mindset — and an open heartset…

…We’re all busy but I really do trust you’ll find what follows enormously valuable.

And as you know so well from our work together: the performer who learns the most wins…

Ok. Here you go:

#1. Don’t check emails or your social feeds first thing in the morning. Exploit your most pristine hours for your most valuable projects. That’s what the Titans do.

#2. Create your “victory move”. This is a physical pose you do at certain times of the day to kick start your mental concentration and unleash your physical energy. Doing so often is a strong ritual supported by some very good science.

#3. Forgive anyone you haven’t forgiven. It’s a gift you’ll give yourself. [Hard to climb a mountain carrying someone on your back].

#4. Remember that the bigger your dream, the more important your team. You can’t get to world-class with a low-performing support circle.

#5. Read “Peak” by Anders Ericsson.

#6. Get out into nature at least once a day. Tremendous benefits for your mindset, heartset, healthset + soulset.

#7. Stop being so hard on yourself. You’re human. We each have our gifts and our flaws. Our hopes and our fears. You and I are works in progress. Celebrate who you’ve become. And honor the progress you’ve made [instead of demanding perfection].

#8. Plan your week in intimate detail every Sunday morning. This removes the need to make multiple decisions each day [because you now have a beautiful blueprint in place]. And that frees up your focus + energy to dial into the few priorities that are most vital to your A-game.

#9. Let go of the relationships in your inner-circle that steal your joy. Your highest life depends on this one winning move.

#10. Travel more. You’ll receive your most genius ideas and experience your happiest moments running through the streets of Paris, swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius and watching the sun set over the Taj Mahal in Agra.

#11. Have good judgment. Yes, I know I’m old-school on this. But I think we’re living in a culture of oversharing. People show up in their pajamas on Instagram, reveal their intimate details on YouTube and have no boundaries on the internet. Go contrarian.

#12. Breathe more deeply. Regularly. All elite producers do.

#13. Drink more water. And ginger tea with fresh lemon in it.

#14. Run my “Daily 5 Ritual”. It helped millions of people do amazing things in business + their personal lives. Five small goals done with perfect execution every day makes 150 accomplished goals a month and 1850 in a year. Life changer. Truly.

#15. Read “What Doesn’t Kill Us” by Scott Carney. Fascinating.

#16. Read “Into The Magic Shop” by James Doty. Moving.

#17. Get enough sleep. Yes I made The 5 AM Club famous but I’ve never evangelized sleep deprivation. You absolutely need excellent sleep to perform at otherworldly levels. And to be happy, healthy and strong. [And yes–I’m in year 3 of writing my new book The 5 AM Club. Yikes!]

#18. Remember that your pain has served your growth. Your setbacks have strengthened your character. And your heartbreaks have helped your heroism. [Let resentments go. And trust life has your back].

#19. Find your Dream Room. This is a place you go where you have zero devices to distract you. Schedule chunks of time in here at least 3x a week. To produce Michelangelo-level work. That wows the world.

[Note: I could walk you through the mind-blowing science of transient hypofrontality, the triggering of a brain cell type called oligodendrocytes that happens away from interruption and the related production of myelin that research is now showing is the secret of mastery. But that’s for my live event Personal Mastery Academy

#20. Run my “2 Massage Protocol”. Getting two 90-minute massages a week isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in your peak mindset, massive levels of daily energy [you can’t inspire the world if you’re exhausted], battle-proofing against stress + extending your life [a great key to legendary is longevity].

#21. Respect time. Learning how to leverage your time like a pro is mission-critical to leading an epic life. So many people want gorgeous results but aren’t doing the things required to have those rewards. You can’t own your game without installing the core mentalities, routines, operating systems and life structures that the best use every day.

#22. Protect your willpower. One of the most valuable of your performance assets is self-discipline. You can have a brilliant ambition, a sensational mission, exceptional talents and great products. But without the ability to execute on these–and translate your grand intentions into daily results, nothing happens. So understand that elite performance without regular recovery leads to depletion.

#23. Be alone a lot. Solitude is where you get to remember your greatness. World-class performers spend a lot of time alone. Envisioning. Planning. Scripting. Practicing. Studying. Iterating. You should too.

Hope this post helps you produce some exponential gains in your work and personal life… Make this time of your life an epic time of your life. Believe in your talents. Honor your gifts. And get ready to inspire the world.

Love + respect,


Why it is important to develop a spirit of philanthropy in children:

Teaching Kids Kindness:
The Carlsbad School District in San Diego is modeling kindness

Here is the program that has touched 10 million students, 15,000 schools, 500 million acts of kindness in 90 countries:
Let’s not leave kindness to a few weeks of the year!

Thanks this week go to Robin S, Hitendra M and the Parenting 2.0 group, as well as Leadership in Carlsbad Unified Ben C and Rick G.

“Make America KIND Again!”

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“The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth, and to have it found out by accident”– Charles Lamb (1775-1834) British Essayist